The Gravestone Feel EP

by Lillian Frances

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The Gravestone EP is an ode to life. To chasing the sun with your head out the window and your tongue flapping in the wind. A dreamy adventure through a syth pop staircase where tension between dark and light, life and death, leads you always upwards but never higher.


released February 14, 2017

Songwriting, production & mixing by Lillian Frances.
Mastering by Garret Bevins


all rights reserved



Lillian Frances Davis, California

I am sound collager, earplug enthusiast and competitive handstander from Northern California.

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Track Name: Gravestone Feel
Babe you know I got that Gravestone Feel
I’ma run run run till I break my heels
Whatcha doin? You should join me
Got a long ride ahead and I could use some company

I got six strings, ten fingers, ten toes
And I’ma run these soles as far as they can go, cause
I’m a string, an instrument, a chime,
And who am I to think that the time that ticks is mine?

Hey, running to my gravestone quick
Running to the angels, hey
Running till my ankles click
Running from my anger, hey

Running to my gravestone quick
Running straight to danger, hey
Running form the same ol’ shit
Run run run run run

So, how you like me now that I’m free?
You know you could come along, run run your feet
So, follow me or in place you will be,
The cards are in your hands, you can change your destiny

Cause ashes, ashes, we all fall down
Truth is all my heroes are living underground
But, what’s the point of me running so fast
Got the dirt between my toes and I want it to last
Track Name: Classic
High interpretations, feeling your vibrations, one conversation, one more damn temptation.

We could be classic, you could be classic, this could be classic, we could be classic, you must be classic.

Next comes hesitation, throwin' me off like syncopation, hear my orchestration, don't need no translation.

We could be classic, you could be classic, this could be classic, we could be classic, you must be classic.
Track Name: Bathtub Madonna
I will never be your bathtub madonna
Resting in between the flora and fauna
Pulling out my knife to carve me a new name
From this moment on I swear I’m not the same

Stay still, visions from my window sill,
Inside the body experiences got me
Feeling like a brand new human and I want to
Run away with the moon, I’ll be back by next June


Let’s take stutter steps, I’ll readily accept your offer,
Cause it isn’t often, that I see you around
These parts, welcome to town,
We’re our own surround sound, show me how you get down


What’s a prima donna? 

Is that a good thing?

Roll the windows down and give me a new name

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